White Sugar

White Sugar

White sugar is the crystallized sucrose extracted from either sugarcane or sugar beets. After harvesting the sugarcane or sugar beets, the juice is extracted and boiled down to remove moisture. As the moisture diminishes, the natural sucrose in the juice begins to crystallize. The crystallized sugar is removed, leaving other extracts behind in the form of molasses.We are a prominent Supplier of White Sugar Granules. These are widely known for their rich taste and purity.In order to cater the variegated demands of our clients, we are offering an excellent quality range of Pure White Sugar.

White Sugar Specifications

Icumsa Max 150 / 100 / 60
Polarization Min 99.80 Degrees
Moisture Max 0.08%
Grain Size Fine / Course


In 50 Kgs bags in containers/break bulk

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