Guar Gum Korma Meal

Guar Gum Korma Meal

It is basically the germ part of the guar seed and is obtained after the guar gum is extracted from the seeds. It is a potential source of protein and carbohydrates with sufficient amount of amino acids. Therefore it is recommended to be given to milking animals. This enhances in the production of more milk as well as more percentage of fat in the milk. It is available in granular form and the protein value is 45 to 48%.We serve to Various countires With good Quality of *Guar Korma*, We are recomended by our pricious client for *Export*

Technical Specifications

Protein Min 50%
Moisture Max 10%
Fibre Max 10%
Sand/Silica Max 1.5%
Fat 6-7%

Quality Allowances

50% TO 45% 1:1 or fraction thereof, Below 45% rejectable at buyer’s option
10% TO 14% 1:1 or fraction thereof, Above 14% rejectable at buyer’s option
10% TO 12% 1:1 or fraction thereof, Above 12% rejectable at buyer’s option
1.5% TO 4% 1:1 or fraction thereof, Above 4% rejectable at buyer’s option


PP bags of 50 Kgs/jumbo PP bags of 1000Kgs/jute bags of 75 Kgs/bulk in container

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